Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Herb Box on Wheels

I went to the most wonderful Farmers Market a few months ago. They sold wonderful produce, indulgent toffee and a great herb box on wheels. The only thing not so great was the price tag...$250 for the herb box. I took their card which had a picture of the box on it and thought..."it can't be that hard to make this". It's difficulty to grow in Arizona due to the hard soil. We also don't have a space where the javalina  wouldn't eat our goodies being grown.

So,on a family outing to Home Depot I snuck away and had the wood cut(without informing the hubby). He walked up and I had a ton of wood cut with no real plans. I just had the nice man cut them in 2ft and 4ft  pieces. After the shock wore off my hubby started brainstorming about what we needed to build this box.
Here's what we brought home...
And here's the best hubby in the world working away...
And here's the finished product...and it only cost $85!
I like the fact that it's on wheels so I can move it in and out of the sun. The sun is very intense here in AZ when it gets in the 100s!
I'm struggling though. I don't have a green thumb:( My tomatoes plants are turning yellow. Someone said that it's because I'm over watering them. Oh well, I'll keep trying!

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