Monday, October 18, 2010

What's In A Name?

I remember when we had our first baby was so hard to pick a name without seeing her and getting a feeling for her personality. That's how I feel about naming my blog. I don't know what its personality and purpose is yet. My husband wanted me to name it "The Garage Project". I've taken over the garage with all of my furniture redos. Much to his dismay, most everything in there has a fine mist of Heirloom White spray paint all over it(including his new golf bag)! I've read so many blogs that have brought so much useful information into my world I thought maybe I could make a play on their name. I could be "Ms. Peppercorn" (ala Ms. Musterseed Creations), "The Lettered Scottsdale House" (The Lettered Cottage), C Krista Enjoy It (C Jane Enjoy It), "Pennywise Girl" (Centsational Girl) and last but not least "The Krista Dialogues" (Nie Nie Dialogues). None of them are me. So after much thought and attempts at play on words I simply decided on Blissful Craziness because it describes my life best at the moment. Blissfully happy with my family and Crazy with our life and activities. Adding this blog to my life will add to both my bliss and craziness and I welcome it with open arms:)

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Starwood Country Creations said...

You selected a great name! I went through the same strife picking a blog name.