Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goodwill Hunting

I love going to the Goodwill. I like it so much I almost named my blog Goodwill Huntings. It's like a treasure hunt...looking for the gems among the rubble. Today I found a treasure. My husband gave a big sigh as we pulled it out of the back of my car. This baby is HEAVY! But I think he was sighing in a way of "our garage is already full of projects you haven't long is this going to sit before you start it?" We have a 3 car garage and not a single car parked in it. I know. It's bad. So here are the pictures(taken at night...once again, I can't wait for the morning).
Isn't she pretty?! I can't decide what to do with her yet. Any ideas?
I love the cedar lining. It's in perfect condition,just needs a good cleaning.
O.K. So here's the bad part...the top has some damage. My husband reminded me that we are not wood workers. 
And the top has some water damage. But I still love her. I couldn't pass her up. I better get working though, so my husband doesn't start griping:)


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